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Data Cleansing / Enrichment

Data cleansing / scrubbing is the process of detecting and amending or removing data or correcting the data in a database that has incorrect, incomplete, out-of-date, improperly formatted, redundant, or duplicated data. Efficient data scrubbing, data analysis and data enrichment services can ensure that the quality of your databases is improved by maintaining, organizing, aggregating, cleaning and updating the records.

Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date database of your critical information is as much important as the data itself. The existing data might have no consistent format and could have been derived from many different sources. Or the database might contain duplicate records / items, missing or incomplete descriptions, wrong spellings, abbreviations, and general errors. Apex’s data cleansing / scrubbing service provides support in keeping your crucial data free of any error and updated. We also provide the services to bring consistency to different datasets that are merged from separate sources using rules and look-up tables to make them current, complete and accurate.

Typically, An organization might use a data scrubbing tool to examine the data systematically for inaccuracy by using rules, algorithms, and look-up tables. A database scrubbing tool includes programs that are only capable of correcting a number of specific mistakes, such as find duplicate records and adding missing zip codes. These data scrubbing software’s cannot replace the human flexibility of finding the redundant and inappropriate data. The process involved in data scrubbing / cleansing, converting and formatting are so exacting and time consuming that it is best to outsource the project to a professional company with extensive experience in data management.

Apex’s Data Cleansing / Scrubbing Services

  • Data cleansing and organization

  • Enrichment of data with new updated data

  • Identification of missing or incomplete data

  • Identification and deletion of duplicate data / records

  • Data integrity audits for textual, numeric and relative data

  • Gender, Prefix, Salutation addition / correction

  • Conversion of upper / lower case names and language accents in names

  • Correction of addresses, post / zip code, telephone, fax, email id, web url

  • Identification and tagging of similar records manually

  • The removal of outdated and invalid records

  • Removing typos

Our years of research and experiences have enabled us to develop tools to provide better solution to our international clients and our special pricing will suit all our customers for every need and surely add value to your process.

To test and judge our abilities Please use the Form to ask for a FREE Sample of your project. To know more about the services provided and a cost proposal send in an email at info@apexeindia.com.

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