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Scanning / OCR / Indexing

Scanning is a process where paper documents are digitized and then stored on CD, DVD, or other magnetic storage. Document scanning helps in reducing storage space which is required for keeping paper copies and adds easy accessibility to them. This also increases the productivity of your staff.

Apex is known for its quick and accurate OCR and Scanning services to our international clients. We provide high resolution scanning with our latest high quality scanners.


Our other services include Optical character recognition (OCR). The OCR recognition technology is gaining popularity over the past few years. With the help of OCR we can capture the data from digital format and transform it into Word, Excel or any other format which is reusable. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) helps in fast and much more accurate data entry which can also be an alternative to keyboard entry. Over a period of time we have developed an expert team with proper skills to take full advantage of this technology. The information can be gathered from printed document, PDF or images. Our equipments are loaded with latest technology and include specialized scanners with automatic document feeders that provide fast scanning at very high resolution. Besides image acquisition and image enhancement Apex can gather information from old paper files, resumes, applications, forms, address labels, etc.

OCR Cleanup

Just converting your data into digital format is not enough. It may contain many errors. OCR cleanup is a final step whereby data is cleaned for its quality rich content and makes it more valuable for you. We also understand the importance of data to your company. It becomes our responsibility to provide you the data with greater accuracy. We manually check all your data for any inconsistencies to improve its quality. The data cleansing services involves validation, standardizing, enforces the integrity value and maintains the data accuracy in the database. Through our OCR Cleanup services you get the flowing benefits.

• Removal of obsolete/inconsistent data

• Standardization of files.

• Removal of duplicate records

• Completion of incomplete records if necessary

To test and judge our abilities Please use the Form to ask for a FREE Sample of your project. To know more about the services provided and a cost proposal send in an email at info@apexeindia.com.

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