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HTML / XML / XHTML Conversion

Hyper Text Markup Language abbreviated as HTML is a markup languages designed for making web pages. Our team of experts can give you meticulous services. In this era of digitization you can easily distribute your content through internet and reach wider range of customers.

The team of professional coders at Apex can convert your content, ready to be delivered via electronic media or over the internet. We have been providing quality book conversion services to many publishing houses and libraries. We have the ability to convert both hard and soft copy documents into varied electronic formats. like XML, SGML, XHTML and HTML. Similarly we can also convert your Text, Word, Excel, RTF, PDF and HTML files to Extensive Mark-up Language also known as XML.

Database Conversion services:

  • Convert any unstructured electronic file or hard copy into HTML or XML format.

  • Conversion from any source format (microfilm, print originals and electronic files) to XML, HTML, Adobe PDF or any desired output format.

  • OCR, correction and proofreading for converted documents for 100% accuracy

  • Format conversion of data from any format to XML

  • Convert your Text, Word, Excel, RTF, PDF and HTML files to XML.

  • Provide SGML / XML consulting services

  • Coding, Marking, Tagging and Re-keying to 99.99% accuracy

  • OCR-Scanning services

To test and judge our abilities Please use the Form to ask for a FREE Sample of your project. To know more about the services provided and a cost proposal send in an email at info@apexeindia.com.
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