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Web Research / Data Mining

In today’s fast growing economy it’s a big challenge to capture all the information required from the internet. We at Apex have not only come forward with comprehensive web based services in web research, web data mining, web data extraction, online data entry, screen scrapping and data harvesting to give you relief from this burden. Our precise collection of information has helped a lot of businesses to expand.

We can guarantee faster turnaround with the same accuracy even when your requirements are extremely urgent. As the biggest and constantly updating resource in the world, the World Wide Web contains an unlimited source of information. Our team of experienced web researchers can extract any publicly available information be it web URLs, web titles, field texts from database, E-mail addresses, company personnel information, company or street address, various kinds of pictures, annual reports pdf and document files. The data is extracted from web into Word document or MS-Excel sheet or into any other database according to your requirements and is organized systematically for greater benefits. Data extracted can also be entered directly into databases through remote access system.

Data Mining has greatly helped the corporate sector in increasing its profit through better interaction with its customers and targeting the potential customers. If you are an established businessmen or planning to start any business or online store Apex can greatly help you in getting all the information regarding your product from your competitor’s website.

Apex provides the following services

  • Web Search, email address and street address search, mailing list Search and search the contact details of a specific target.
  • Extracting, data mining, harvesting of records and raw data from a website.
  • Online research to build a database in Microsoft Office. an Excel spreadsheet, Access .mdb file, or any structured database format.
  • Data Mining, Data extraction and screen scrapping services to MS Excel, Comma delimited file csv, MS Access, MS-SQL or MySQL tables,
  • Web Data Mining and Listing to search the web and create lists of targeted websites and collecting information from the sites.
  • Web Research and Online Data Entry to update your online ecommerce stores
  • Online Form Entry and Submission

We at Apex perform a first hand analysis of the requirements and of the website to understand the structure of the data. Accordingly we work on the method to collect the information from the web and transform it into specified, retrievable format, and deliver it into MS Excel, MS Access or SQL Server tables, csv or txt files. We are adapt and use custom built programs to do a screen scrapping, or if required extract the data manually. Thus, you get a standardized workflow and an efficient tracking system for managing your data capture activities even as you utilize the offshore cost effectiveness.

To test and judge our abilities Please use the Form to ask for a FREE Sample of your project. To know more about the services provided and a cost proposal send in an email at info@apexeindia.com.

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